I was born in Chile coming from a very intuitive family- where I lived for the first twenty-seven years of my life. At age twenty-seven I moved to the U.S to start a life together with my soulmate. I speak Spanish as my first language and the second language for me became English. The fact of having lived in two different cultural environments have been very important for me because I was not conditioned by just one particular culture and that expanded my view and sense of the world around me without being completely identified with it. At a very young age, I was seeking some kind of answers through spiritual self-help books and then I went to college for a psychology career for a short period of time realizing that wasn’t the answer I was looking for. I switch to studying Advertising and Marketing knowing that was going to help me one day but still wasn’t the main path for me, but I did graduate. I am also a certified Pilates instructor. Currently I do not teach Pilates; however, I do see a very close connection between how Pilates connects you with your body and how I help people today to reconnect with themselves.

My practice in the spiritual and energy working arts began in Chile 19 years ago. Ever since I can remember, I was able to see Aura around people’s bodies, entities than no one else can see and I would channel messages from spirits. At first, I was very scared and didn’t know how to manage what happened to me until I attended the Luz Dorada Clairvoyant and Healing Development course for 14 months in Chile in 2010. There I had learned how to focus my clairvoyant gifts, and also received training in a hands-off healing technique to help me and help others. I started learning Tarot when I was 11 years old when my mother gave me my first tarot deck. I tried to learn from books but I knew it wasn’t my path so I just put the books on the side and I started to sense every card in an intuitive way and that worked great for me. In a couple of weeks, I was doing readings for my family and friends as something fun and soon turned into a calling I was not able to avoid.

Since then, I have been on a passionate mission to inspire others to balance their life into a healthy mind, body, spirit and emotional state, along with teaching people how to be more emotionally independent and empower themselves. I don’t call myself a healer anymore because that title came with many limitations, but I consider myself a spiritual guide that uses tarot cards and your own energy to help you to expand and raise your consciousness in a very realistic and practical way.

What makes a difference is that at all times I will let you know that you are responsible for your choices and preferences, and a reading provides valuable information, but not an order directive to act. A reading is not an absolute truth. The future is ever changing and the results are always affected by many variables. I recognize and promote the fact that your future is in your hands and you have the free will and the ability to change everything that you do not like on it. I want to give my clients the tools to help improve and be successful in their lives. I do not want them to believe that they need me for every little thing and that I will have all their answers. The answers ultimately come from within them.


Mariana Lee’s Interview VoyageLA Magazine 2017