Healing My Mother

Healing my mother is the step to live an harmonious life.


You are the channel that I chose to live this physical experience. I chose you because you were perfect for me. Thanks mom, you did great.

My wounded child has been very resentful of you all these years. I closed my heart for a long time. But that has kept me tied to pain, to a pain that I no longer want in my heart.

I’m not your victim because I know you did the best you could with what you had and knew in that moment. Now I am free to grow, evolve and reconcile with you.

I recognize the wounded girl in me and I learn to give her all the love and acceptance that she did not receive in the way she expected.

I walked away from you believing that with that I was going to avoid the pain, but the pain of not feeling loved as I am, of not feeling enough, It has made me go around the world looking for love and approval that nobody can ever give me and this has made me suffer a lot.

I have lived demanding love constantly through “being good”, “putting myself to the end”, “giving more”, seeking approval, allowing abuse, wanting to remain, achieving professional recognition, suffering for what others say or think about me. , etc etc…

Today I am determined to comfort and heal my wounded girl.

I need to reconnect with you, because through you it is that I reconnect with life and with all my inner strength.

I ask the great spirit to see the woman that you are without judgments, to be able to see all your decisions without judgments and to be able to accept you as you are without hurting me.

As long as I accept you, I reconcile with myself, because you are the seed from which I give birth and the one that allows me to unfold all my potential.

‘Mama you and I are one’ ‘Mama you and I are one’ ‘Mama you and I are one’

I’m not bigger than you, I should not sentence you. You are the sea and I am the river that is born of you.

The life and the mother are bigger than one and in front of it it only remains to accept and surrender with the best disposition. And so I do now.

This is an internal work in which every day I accept you in my heart with all your defects and virtues. Without expectations Without waiting for you to change, or for you to see it, or for me to recognize it. I do it for myself and for all my offspring.

I honor you and respect you as you are. Thank you for giving me life. I honor your life as it has been. I honor my life as it is.

I am not stuck in solving your problems, I leave you with your own burdens because I know that you can with all the circumstances that you have chosen in your life.

I free myself of all the burdens of yours that are not related to to me and I am liberated to focus on my life, my projects, my desires. I see further, my inner child begins to calm down, I am no longer thirsting for love, affection, recognition, approval and attention.

I develop my own love and my heart fills with joy.

I heal when I stop wanting to change you. My energy is no longer in that, I am focused on living my life. The life that belongs to me.

I can get away from my life, but not from my heart. The mother and life are united, there is no one without the other, to take the mother is to take life without judgments and without taboos, is a Yes to life, is a Yes to care, nutrition, tenderness, amiability ; It is a Yes to a greater love for myself.

I promise you that I will be a happier person; I’m going to love myself more than anything in this world and I’m going to enjoy my life to the fullest. That I will always surround myself with people who love me, respect me, value me and give me my place. That I will believe in myself and be aware of how beautiful, talented and wonderful I am. That I am going to make my dreams come true from my greatest joy, freedom, passion and appreciation. That I will live in abundance, connected with my inner guidance, making the best decisions for me.

I take Life. I honor you and bless you mother. You are the big one and I am the little one. I ask you permission to do it differently. I am ready to change the history of all our lineage and descent.

Mother I am happy to be who I am, I love myself with all my heart and I enjoy immensely being alive.
Thanks for bringing me to this world ❤️